Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Item Sneak Peak (Part 2)

In my last post, I mentioned that I had sanded the top of the table... most people would have probably finished sanding the body, drawers and legs first before doing anything else... but I guess I'm not most people.

In order to proceed with the top, I first researched the correct way to draw/paint the Union Jack. After all, I didn't want to piss off any potential buyers whom might just happen to be British. I visualized the entire thing - I'd be set up at a market or something where I'd be approached by a middle-aged lady with a very British accent, looking ever so interested in purchasing the table - that is until she noticed some little inconsistency in her motherland's flag - whereupon she'd then walk away, but not without first giving me the two-fingered "up yours" sign that Brits are well known to impart on unsuspecting (and sometimes very suspecting) people. I decided I was not going to be "that (vendor) guy". So yeah, I had to get it right, and apparently there are a lot of ways to screw it up. Thank goodness for the internet.

My reasoning to finish the top of the table first was because the top's design was going to be crucial to the finished overall piece. If at first I didn't (technically) succeed, I was most likely going to have to try and try again until I got it right. Luckily for me, I got it right on the first try. I then proceeded to sand down the painted surface one last time, going for a more weathered look.

Now I could comfortably move on to the lower half of the table without compromising my vision of "what would be!"

Next time - the finished piece.

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