Monday, August 30, 2010

Rue Magazine

It started with these...

Then these came out...

It's no wonder that most of the design-oriented blogging community is on fire about the upcoming RUE MAGAZINE

Not even out yet, this virtual magazine is already causing more commotion than anything kate gosselin could of ever dreamed of producing. The premiere issue will be available September 16th, but in the meantime here's a little interview with co-founder and editor-in-chief Crystal Gentilello of Plush Palate, made available by Casa Sugar.

One other thing that HOME ANTHROPOLOGIE really loves about this soon-to-be mag is that Anne Sage of none other than The City Sage, is another fourth of the gals putting this together.

And if the history of those two blogs alone tell us anything - it's that we're ready to get our subscription on!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Glammin' Up the Loo

Framed photography by Home Anthropologie

Sherwin-William's Harmony Paint in Iron Ore Gloss
really allows the light to sparkle and the shadows to be more dramatic.

Vintage 1973 beaut sourced on Craigslist on the cheap.

The view up.

Here's a little sneak peak at our downstairs bathroom makeover. Once again, we decided to mix up a couple of the styles that we like - this time it was Hollywood Regency meets Upscale Spa. The photos shown here are just of the actual water closet... we'll be sure to show you more as the whole thing comes together.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Coup d'Etat (San Francisco)

Great Plains Saucer Light Fixture

Ozmeka Railroad Lanterns

Counter Industrial Floor Lamp

Workman's Etagere

Early 20th Century Industrial French Perforated Steel Cabinet

Industrial Black Enamel Hanging Lights

Industrial Cage Locker

These guys have got the goods... and then some.

Congratulations Emily!

Congratulations to Emily over at The Brass Petal for winning this years HGTV's Design Star.

We've been following her for most of the year now - before she ever even let anyone in on the fact that she had entered, filmed and (of course) won this year's competition! (I now know that I'd be able to trust her with my life.)

Her show will be a much needed breath of fresh air for HGTV.

Read more of her "most memorable moments from the winner" here as well as watching her sneak peak/premiere show airing on August 29th.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Table for All Occasions

Pictured as an entryway table

This table was inspired by a "Junk Potluck/Trash to Treasure" post that I read over at JUNKOLOGIE a couple of weeks ago. The contest rules seemed straightforward enough:
(1) Create a Junk Potluck project
(2) Post a photo of said project
(3) Link the project to their page

***UPDATE*** I've also added this post over at FUNKY JUNK INTERIOR'S "OLD" theme link-up. I love Donna's DIY style and projects. I've only been reading her blog for about a month now, but I always keep going back for the new (and catching up on older) posts as well.

To give you a bit more insight, here's what I started out with. A good sized shipping crate that one of my neighbors had schlepped into his dumpster. Lucky for me that it was half full at the time and about a third of the crate was peeking out over the top at me when I drove by.

Overall, I'm a pretty big fan of most wooden objects (crates, boxes, containers), and (obviously) the older the better. So it was very serendipitous that I had just read the aforementioned post the day before. At this point, I just knew I had to have it - and it was on. I decided this would end up being a piece of furniture functional enough to fit into any room of the home.

The first step consisted of some strenuous sanding and staining applications. I didn't sand too much off of the areas where the shipping direction marker scrawlings and icons were, because that's what originally drew me to the piece and I also knew that in the end that's where a lot of the "payoff look" would focus around.

Then I decided to build the top completely from scratch in order to be able customize it a lot better, plus give it more of a high-end look that I was envisioning at that point. I created the top from poplar and I opted for the carriage bolts, old nails and iron handles to give it a rustic-industrial quality that wouldn't disjoint it from the original crate part. I also decided to go with a hint lighter shade of stain on this part, in order to not make the whole thing appear "too coherent" and a bit more "pieced together." (Note: I have never built a table top or anything similar to this in my life, but I did take a lot from my art background - which most of the time consists of 90% mental deliberating and 10% execution.)

The finishing touches, to round out that very rustic-industrial look consisted of adding the iron (towel bar) railings on each side, steel casters, and capping of the drawers at the bottom (which originally was just a small wood pallet that the crate was attached to) with .16 gauge copper plates. I only had a day to give the patina on these a headstart (vinegar and non-iodized salt), but I know that they'll only get better on their own with time. I also pounded them against some concrete to ensure some additional character.

At this point it's looking exactly like I envisioned it and I could call it a day... however, I feel like the one thing still left for me to do is add a door or two in order to be able to utilize all of the space inside for storage (damn those art school days and those Bauhaus guys with their "form ever follows function" philosophies!) - but first I'll need to go read a "how-to" or two on the subject.

For the grand finale, I decided to re-dress the table and offer it up as a rolling-cart bar (hence my apropos title, heck I can even envision this out in the garden or potting shed) to bring over to the JUNKOLOGIE Junk Potluck complete with a quick little recipe for some wine spritzers to beat off the last of those hot summer days.

Wine Spritzers
- Ice
- 1/4 to 1/2 cup of wine (my wife highly recommends Snoqualmie Organic Wines)
- 1/4 to 1/2 cup of sparkling water
- Lemon slices (or white seedless grapes), for garnish

Directions: Pour wine into ice filled glass, top off with sparkling water and garnish with lemon slice. (As an alternative, I like to squeeze 3 or 4 grapes into the glass instead of the lemon).


Come back around soon, where I should be able to have it up for sale by then if you're interested.

**************AUGUST 30th UPDATE***********************

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Monsieur Cinq" Occasional Table (Sale Item)

What else can I tell you about the delightful and wonderful Monsieur Cinq that you won't be able to see for yourself? At first sight, he wasn't much to behold, but men of distinction and character are known to clean up fairly well (and easily) aren't they? So we took a chance on him and brought him into the new millenia with a new top hat in tow and an even bigger smile on his face. Sacré bleu indeed.

Quantity: 1

Size: 16" wide x 24" deep x 24" tall

Condition: Excellent upcycled vintage piece

Price: $75

Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Lolita" Writing Desk (Sale Item)

"Lolita" is a great statement piece for almost any room that needs a little extra "wow" factor - whether it's for utilitarian purposes or just for show. This little French-style writing desk overall finish consists of several layers of painted and sanded non-toxic "Snow White" Old Fashion Milk Paint. The top area is done in Safecoat's Zero VOC flat black with everything sanded down to an ultra-smooth finish. Finally, new hardware was mounted onto it in order to add a little extra bling to the piece. Tempered 1/2 inch glass can be added to the top for an additional price.

Quantity: 1

Size: 42" wide x 20" deep x 30" tall

Weight: 44 lbs.

Condition: Excellent upcycled vintage piece

Price: $285 + S/H (SOLD)

Additional note: The painting "Coup D'état", also created by Home Anthropologie, was commissioned by one of our clients for their home.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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