Thursday, October 7, 2010

Be Calm.

images courtesy of the Delfin & Postigo home

I found myself in a somewhat frantic hurry earlier this evening - trying to find some tear sheets for a new client that would show her the right mix of "mid-century modern" meets "smart, laid-back bohemian" meets... well, you get the idea...

and i'm still searching. It seems that it always ends up being more of a cross between "I'll know it when I see it" mixed with a little bit of "I know I saw that similar look in such-and-such publication" blitzkrieg moments of scrambling to find years of (mentally) rolodexed imagery so that I can then try to sell said client on the look.

Thankfully in the interim, I did manage to come across this rather serendipitous image to remind me to take a deep breath and take it down a notch or two, becuase y'know, they usually turn up when and where I least expect them to.

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